Bourbon Honey Recipes

Bourbon Honey Ham

Bourbon Honey Ham - Huckle Bee Farms LLC
This easy to make Bourbon Honey Baked Ham is dripping with flavor, lightly spiced with a burst of bourbon and honey glaze. A stellar and stunning centerpiece for any holiday gathering.



  1. Pre-heat over to 350 F.
  2. Whisk cider, Bourbon Honey, molasses, brown sugar and mustard in a medium bowl. Set aside.
  3. Set ham on a rack in a large roasting pan and add enough water to fill to 1/4" inch.
  4. Score fat in a crosshatch pattern.
  5. Brush ham with glaze and roast, basting every 30 minutes with extra glaze. (Tent with foil if browning too quickly, until insta-read thermometer registers 135 F, about 2 hours).
  6. Transfer ham to cutting board and apply one more coating of glaze.
  7. Let rest 10 minutes before slicing.